Contracts of Employment in Bulgaria


The labour contract must be in writing and specify the place and nature of the work, as well as the salary.

Under Bulgarian labour law, it is customary to enter into an indefinite contract.

In principle, contracts are indefinite, but under certain restrictive and legally binding conditions, the law provides for the possibility to enter into fixed-term contracts.

The trial period may continue up to six months depending on the agreement reached by the parties. It could also be used for internships, for which no specific type of contract is foreseen.

Other types of work contracts in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria you may hire persons also under another type of work contract: 5 days per month, additional position etc.

Bulgarian labour law provides for the so-called “civil-law contracts”, which do not give the right to unemployment benefits upon their expiration. There are cases of abuse, when an offer is made to enter into such a contract instead of a labour contract (or even a complete absence of a contract). In such cases, the Labour Inspectorate may transform them into indefinite contracts. Consequently, the employer is subject to a severe fine and must pay the due contributions for health and social security. These sanctions are aimed at preventing the spread of such practices.