corporate taxation

Summary of accounting and tax deadlines for Bulgarian companies


Bulgarian companies subject to VAT must file a VAT return each month. This declaration must be filed no later than the 14th of the month following the period under consideration and the corresponding VAT payment must be made simultaneously at the filing of the return.

A Bulgarian company filing three successive VAT returns with a VAT credit can then file a VAT refund application.



Bulgarian companies are obliged to file their annual corporate tax returns (earnings tax) between 01 of march and 30 June of the year following the current financial year

The corporate tax is to be paid to the tax office within the same period.

Bulgarian companies have the option to file an amending tax return until 30 September, if it turns out that the tax return originally filed within till 30 June is incorrect or incomplete. This is sometimes the case when additional accounting entries have taken place between the date of filing the tax return and the final order of the balance sheet which is filed in the Register of Commerce. However, this possibility is limited to a single amending statement per taxpayer.

Bulgarian companies must file their annual financial statements with the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute, before filing their corporate tax return with the Tax Administration (National Revenue Agency).



Bulgarian companies have until 30 September each year to file with the trade register their balance sheet for the previous year.