China comes to manufacture in Bulgaria

When China comes to manufacture in Europe, it chooses Bulgaria.

China comes to manufacture in Bulgaria : the first factory for automobiles in Europe is in Bulgaria.
The automobile factory of  « Litex Motors » near the  village  of Bahovitsa (at 150 km north-east from Sofia), was officially opened on the 21.02.2012 for the first production of Great Wall automobiles.
Litex Motors is the first automobile Chiese factory in Europe. It is a revolution in the world of automobiles because if until now the Europeans went to China to produce automobiles, now China opens its first factory in Europe to produce for the European market.
But why does China come to produce in Bulgaria? The main reason for the Chiese to choose Bulgaria is the competitive salaries.  
The factory has a surface of 500 000 m2.
The average age of the first operators is 19 years and  that of the first engineers is 25 years. 
The capacity of the factory is 50.000 cars per year if the factory works at two shifts and 70 000 cars if the factory works at 3 shifts.  
At full capacity there will be 2.000 workers.
During the first year of exploitation, the  production will be 2.000 automobiles (for the local market and for the neighbouring countries).